Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wrenching on the Fixie

I spent a little time of the fixie last night.The biggest thing I wanted done was to get the 700-38s mounted, in anticipation of the spring roads coming soon. Gravel on the shoulders will be the name of the game. I also added a front brake. Even though this was a 27" bike, I'm able to get away with std. reach calipers 0n a 700c wheel. That's nice, because I've got about 5 pairs to choose from in the parts bin. I ended up going with some dia-comps, just because they have a quick release mechanism.
With this nasty weather we're having (it's -20C, -4F) I've been forced to work in a little corner of the basement rather than my unheated garage. I've got a little shop set up in one room, and use other rooms for staging bikes. I thought the gritty old fixie wouldn't mind spending time in a bathroom I've recently ripped apart.

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