Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Woolies

This past winter, I have finally started in on wool. After reading about it for so long, and having used modern technical fabrics, and come to realize their short-falls, I've been quite interested to give wool a try.

For Christmas, my sweet wife bought me 2 wool garments. First being the Kucharik long-sleeve jersey from Rivendell, second was a wool T-shirt from some on-line retailer. I've worn the Kucharik jersey for cycling, and skiing, and I have to say that this is a great, tough garment. 3 back pockets for tubes, tools and food. I can wear the jersey several rides before it needs washing (not the case at all with synthetic technical fabrics). A little caveat to this statement. I'm not saying they are perfectly clean, but I'm riding solo, and I don't sweat much when I ride. I used to only use modern synthetic technical clothing, and still do use the synthetics. When I ride once in the modern stuff, it's time for a cleaning. A second ride isn't even optional.
A few months ago, my parents gave me $100 birthday money (yeah, I still get birthday money from my folks, but hey, I'm not even 30 yet!?) and I've been saving it fiercely. I have virtually spent it hundreds of times, on many different products. I started tracking what I was virtually spending this on, and it kept coming down to 2 things. Wool cycling clothing, and brooks saddles. I figured I'd keep squeezing those dollars until I came across some good deals. After all, I don't actually need any additional bicycle equipment or related accoutrement's.

A few weeks ago, I saw Russ Roca posting about the Swobo Sunday Bobby, and that he already had a few of them. What's more, they were on sale. So I jumped over to the site to check it out myself.

Sure enough, a great deal on a great product. I also ended up picking up a 100% merino wool T-shirt. I've yet to use these for cycling, but I have worn them each a few times to work, and for several ping pong matches. I will say, the T-shirt is of incredibly fine merino. The bobby is not quite so soft, but still doesn't itch against bare skin.

If you're one who hasn't given fine wool a try, I highly recommend you do. It feels great in a wide range of temperatures, and looks good too. Swobo kicks up the bobby and the T-shirt up a bit by sewing on a bicycle chain link to the left sleeve. Styling all the way.


Vik said...

MEC has a nice wool LS cycling jersey - last I saw they were clearing them out at $70. I got two. They look classic and would be great for everything, but summer around here.

Stevil said...

Thanks for giving it a shot. I think as time goes by, you'll find your love for it grow stronger and stronger.

ksrteinhoff said...

You're tempting me with all this wool talk.

Hey, don't feel bad about getting the birthday money. When I go home to visit my mother, we joke about her "magic purse" that contains an unlimited supply of $20 bills to pay for any meal we eat out.

I realized years ago not to try to fight her for the check. It gives her a lot of pleasure to pick up the tab, so my brothers and I let her.

Oh, yeah, I turned 62 this week. You have a long way to go to catch up.