Tuesday, April 07, 2009

14 Miles of (mostly) Gravel

With the temps rising (+12C) today, I figured the gravel should be firmed up enough to ride. I like to run mostly on the gravel, and until now, it's been pretty soft. 6 miles were on a really nice little country road that passes a bunch of acreages, a golf course, and a whole lot of horses. I used to run this route on weekends and it was always quite busy. Being the middle of the day and most people at work, it was a great quiet ride.
I love the fixie for it's silence. The tires on the road were the only noise that came from me. A great little get away in the middle of the day indeed.


Anonymous said...

Cool blog! I just stumbled on it and now I’m a dedicated reader. If you have free time you might want to check out sports shops.

Vik said...

Hey buddy still up for a tour this year? I was thinking of a quick overnighter fairly soon while the parks are empty just to get everything dialed and then something longer later in the summer.

Let me know!



Ortonauta said...

Hi Jerome:
I've been following your blog for a short while now, congrats for your dedication!
Can you describe your bike? I'm an "amateur" cyclist and your bike looks pretty cool, maybe you can dedicate a post describing it? or show some detailed pictures? thanks and keep it up!

Jerome said...

I'm still up for a tour Vik. I think it'd be great.

Ortonauta, I could probably post some more info about this bike. There really isn't much too this bike, but I'll put something together for ya.


Ortonauta said...

Thanks Jerome, I'll be expectant.