Thursday, April 09, 2009

1st bike commute of the year

I Spent a little time last night prepping the bike, getting everything ready. I find that when I am riding the next day, I have far better success getting rolling in a timely manner if everything has been taken care of the night before. Tire pressure, chain lube, gear packed, everything. If I leave these tasks for the morning, I just seem to slowly doodle around and take way too long to get out the door. It was +2C (35.6F)when I left this morning. Nice and crisp. Within 20 minutes, my figures were thoroughly cold. A light head wind slowed me a bit.
This was the first time I've commuted in the LHT. I found myself saying several times (even out loud - but that's another issue) "Now this is a bicycle." So far, I have nothing but good to say about the Long Haul Trucker. It is just plain and simply a great bicycle.
8 miles from Strathmore the sun came out. Man that feels good. Riding a bike, sun shining.
You'll notice the decals? The jury is still out on whether or not to removed them.

And the Panda shot.
26 miles of smiles to start the day. That's living.


Christopher Johnson said...

Pleased to hear you enjoyed yourself. The bike looks great. I can't remember ever hearing anyone expressing dissatisfaction with the LHT. Wow, I thought my commute was long. How often can you spend that much time on the bike?

Vik said...

Keep the decals!

Doug said...

Yeah, Life is good from the seat of a bicycle, on a crisp morning with the sun coming up!

If I were on the decal jury, I'd vote to leave 'em on. It's totally a personal preference. I ride my Surly's with pride and display their modest logos.

Jerome said...

Hey Christopher, I try to ride 3 days a week during the summer. I will confess, my wife was coming into town in the late afternoon, and I didn't have to ride home. I'm toying with the idea of riding every day, both ways, (52 miles) each day, for one week. We'll see. If things aren't too crazy at work maybe.

Vik, we'll see. At least for the "Trucker Tour" the decals should still be ther. Should be better for photo-ops.

Doug, for sure. I kept thinking how all of the crap that goes on in the world does really bother me right now. When I was riding that morning. I'm not sure what it is about riding a bike as everyone else rushes past to start their day. I slowly plug out the revolutions, and my day starts in a way that I wouldn't change at all. Mmmmmmm, a bike ride in the early morning, good for the body, good for the soul.