Monday, May 04, 2009

Changing locations

Moving back to Strathmore. Life directs it. Makes more sense.

Back to riding bike every single day (new commute will only be about 2 miles), and more of my fleat will be used. Back to good time cruising the bike paths with the family. Selling the car. Just makes sense.

New house should be ready in about a month. Old house will be rented out. Stepping up into a bit of luxury after some down home farm-like fun. Some aspects will be missed, some not.

Now, picking out flooring, fixtures, lighting, colors and stonework. Good times.

Bikes should be back into far greater usage in a month or so. Already some changes to make them more practical for the new location. Fixie, is getting flat bars, loosing the brakes, hand made rack, and getting all messenger style. Should be good. Basket bike will get regular duty, as will the Rockabilly Boogie on those days when I just want to look good. S/S MTB is now optional as a commuter. LHT will still get the love. I'm thinking a front rack and maybe a basket? I need to finish re-building the Xtra. It will see significantly more usage, and it's practicality will be maxed.

One other bike related benefit, very large attached garage and large unfinished basement make excellent bike storage/wrenching quarters.


Christopher Johnson said...

You make it sound like a pretty good situation, but not huge enthusiasm. Can't tell if you have mixed thoughts or simply low key.

Best wishes for a smooth transition.

Jerome said...

No mixed thoughts. Just keeping it low key. It's an amazing home. Just don't want to be going on too much about it. If I got started, I'd make people sick with my going on and on and on about the house. The kids are really excited too. We back onto a beautiful treed canal with tons of green space and a path winding around. Sweet little culdisac corner lot. Upgraded everything in home, even built in sound systems. I'm stoked beyond beliefe. Everything seemed to work out so well. My ho-hum posting is just a way for me to try and contain my excitement. We are 1.5 blocks from some really good friends of ours who have kds the same age as ours. Everything about the move is sweet. We even get an inerior designer to aid our choice process. Didn't really see this move coming to picture perfect, but it happened so easy and smooth it was amazing.

Thanks for the wihses too! We've got about a half a month before the tenants move into our Rockyford house and we take possession on our new one, so that will help make things a little more sane too. Cheers.

Christopher Johnson said...

That's more like it.

Doug said...

Wow, big changes. Of course I like the parts about how the bikes will get used more. Yeah for bikes!