Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer riding. Short trips in business attire and coffee in hand. No sweat shall break. Just good practical commuting. Totals a measly 11 miles a day, but those 11 miles are free. I beat a car home yesterday, which has me convinced that it’s actually faster for me to ride my bike than drive a car. Although, when I beat the car, I actually did break a bit of a sweat.
Switching up between the fixie and the Trucker. All good times. I (heart) riding my bike every day.


Christopher Johnson said...

Excellent headwear.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the commute. It's beginning to be a little hotter than I prefer for my trip to work. Hard to show up less than soaked.

Jerome said...

Yeah, I guess we're finally getting something that resembles what summer should be, and you're getting to be in the cooker oven. You're trip is quite long too though isn't it? We'll get up to the 90s for a spell each summer, but when it's that hot, I ride as slow as possible, and give absolutely no extra effort to beat a light or anything like that.