Monday, June 29, 2009

You've only got 1 day off. Make it a good one.

That was my motto yesterday. After putting 25hrs in at my day job, and somewhere around 50 hrs at my Rockyford house this week, I needed to take at least one day off to rest. Besides, it’s biblical.

I wanted to just hang out with the family and do whatever the day would bring out way that was fun.

We started off with a walk for us/bike ride for the boys to visit some friends

Here is my oldest getting into the racing mind set. Everything is a contest to two brothers.

Here is my youngest on his run bike. He can actually motor really well on this thing. Even picks up his legs for short spells. I think these are definitely the way to go to teach children how to ride bikes.

Came home. Grabbed a picnic lunch and went to the park for a few hours. Came home, kids had a nap, my sweet wife and I enjoyed a little reading on the porch in the sunshine, and then the kids got up again and we went for another bike ride.

Came back, re-organized the bikes (now with my little 1 year old birthday girl in the chariot) and headed out on the 3rd little bike ride of the day. My oldest (4) is getting quite confident riding his bike. He’s having a blast too. He can even manage to control his speed on hills now, instead of crying and walking the bike. One great thing about being back in Strathmore, is the network of bike paths that are highly underutilized. I haven’t brought all the bikes from our old house to our new house yet, so I ended up lowering the seat on my Rockabilly Boogy and my wife rode that, and I rode the LHT. My little girl sang her little la la la songs the whole time we were riding. I think that’s a good sign that she enjoys cycling also.

I finished the day off with a pint of liquid gold in my new Bow Cycle beer glass. My parents just bought some nice bkes from Bow ( myDad got a Cannodale 6 and my Mom got a hand made titanium Merlin - contrary to my recommending a nice steel Rivendell or Surley or something "better". - okay, I can live with my moms Ti bike, but full carbon??? Come on Dad) and Bow gave them a set of beer glasses and a beer pitcher. My parents don't have a refined pallet that apreciates a good beer, so they gave the set to me. yeah.

I love days like yesterday. In my mind, that’s what the weekend was made for.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you are looking so cute in your older photographs I just love it, about taking rest,you have taken a good decision,You are right it's biblical.Enjoy with your family.All the best.


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