Friday, July 17, 2009

New Photo Blog

I've started up a new blog, just for photos. I've got a website online, and eventually I would like to have that set up with galleries, contact info and all the rest. Right now it's nothing special. I will use this new blog just to post recent photos that I've been taking.

Currently I'm just shooting as much as I can for free. Anyone local who would want some family photo, or couples who want engagement photos, I'll do them all for free. I'm just trying to build up a portfolio right now. Eventually I would like to be able to do weddings. Not that I want to make huge money as a photographer, but if I could make some extra cash to buy more camera gear, that would be a success to my plan.

1 comment:

asok said...

All the best for your new blog I wish GOD bless you to solve your problem and help in making your huge money.


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