Monday, August 17, 2009

Garage Work

This past weekend we opted out of camping, and with all the rain we had I was glad we did so.

I took the opportunity to get a project done thats been bugging me for quite some time; my garage. I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t unpack my garage stuff (still sitting in my dad’s motorcycle trailer) until I have my garage painted. This is the only way that I can ensure I actually get to it. Once I hang one tool up on the wall, that’s it. It would forever be bare drywall. I hate that. Besides, in 10 years it’s almost un-paintable and you’d basically have to redo the whole thing. So, work late Friday and Saturday nights, and start organizing at a leisurely pace Sunday afternoon. First order of business, bicycle storage. I need more than this, but it’s a start. I’ve still got 6 bikes in the basement. Maybe I need to cull the herd a little more intensely? Na, just get a little more creative with bike storage. I was also planning on building custom shelving and work area, but when I saw the price of this hammer and bash together stuff, I’d be crazy to give up 3 more weekends just to get the garage usable. This system will work fine for what I need. Mostly just bike maintenance and the odd wood working or electronics projects. Still adding a few more shelves and organizing a bit more, but hopefully it'll be all done this week.
Next on the garage list, hook up my Sony surround sound so I can wrench in musical bliss!

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