Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mechanical Woes

First, I seem to have an issue with the seat post on my new Karate Monkey. After finally tightening the crap out of the collar bolt, it still slipped down about an inch on my last ride. It was only 11 miles, and while it was gravel, it should never move. I posted it to the LHT and CC Google group, looking for anyone who may have had a similar experience, and I did learn of others having such problems on other bikes. There was a case where the same thing happened with a LHT, and Surly came to the table and ended up sending a new replacement frame. Good on ya Surly. I need to measure my seat post and make sure that it is the correct diameter. If not, I’ll head to my LBS where I bought the bike and see if we might be able to try a few sizes of seat posts. Hopefully one slightly larger size will do the trick. If not….hhmmm…..I hope to be able to get a new frame to change out. That’s the worst case scenario, and I’d rather not think about that.

Second, not such a big deal, just flat tires. First one was about 3 weeks ago on my LHT. I rode it to work after lunch as I always do, same old route, and when I went to leave that evening, the front tire was completely airless. As I was changing the tube, I was careful to remember where on the wheel the flat happened so I could inspect the wheel and indeed there was something in there that was suspect to me. I forget what that was though. I remember thinking that I’ll just wait and see if I get another flat and then I’ll know I’ll have to deal with whatever the possible cause was. Well, yesterday, that other flat came. Now I really wish I remembered what the suspect cause was. I guess I’ll find out when I take the wheel off.

Third was after lunch today. I drove my truck to work this morning (shame shame shame) and picked up the LHT. (I could change the flat at work, but I’m a wuss and by far prefer working on a stand if I have any choice at all) and was planning on riding my fixie back to work. Went to put on my race blade fenders to help keep the water from jumping up at me. What do I find? A flat rear tire! Argh. I go from having no flats in 3 years, to 3 flats in 3 weeks. Frustrating. Kind of makes me want to just run out and buy some of the toughest most flat-resistant tires I can find (think Schwalbe marathons). Before, while running any tire, even tires I found for free at the recycling yard, I’ve never had a flat. Now, these three. Oh well, I guess we all have to deal with our share of mechanical headaches. I just don’t know why I got all of mine in one lump sum.


Christopher Johnson said...

Seems like that stuff comes in waves, doesn't it? I'm sorry to hear about the seat post issue. That would frustrate me immensely. I hope you find one quickly that will agree to be secured. Then, you should be good to go...for awhile.

Jeff Moser said...

I have a friend that busted the bolt on his seat post clamp. He ordered a new one thinking it was junk. Turns out Kona got a bunch of seat posts that were slightly out of spec, so they sent him a new seat post clamp and seat post!