Wednesday, September 02, 2009


With the temps creeping up around 30C + (90F) these days, riding in pants or jeans would be torturous. I’m lucky enough to have an office job where I don’t ever really have to entertain clients. Being as I work strictly with airports and airlines, my clients are at least a flight away. Our office is quite laid back and I’ve even worked this week in flip-flops.

But, when I do feel like not being such a slouch, I opt for some manpris. Capri’s for men. I’ve got several pairs of them, and man are they great. Not pant legs to worry about getting greasy, keep your legs cool, and…..they look good. You can even dress them up. These are a great option for the bike commuter!
even dispite what the Urban dictionary says about them.


JPTwins said...

'm a tall guy, and so it's hard to find pants that fit. i saw some "technical fabric" pants at REI a while back on sale to a ridiculous degree. I knew when i saw the 30 length that i was going to have to convert them to knickers. (BTW, i prefer that name to manpris). Well, with the end of summer here, i just converted and they're great! I'll probably waterproof them and use them with tights in the winter.


Vik said...

I mostly wear capris in the summer. It's not often hot enough to justify shorts and as you note capris are better when you want to be a little dressy should dinner at a nice restaurant suddenly appear on the agenda.

I'll wear capris through the winter as well with a pair of running tights underneath.

A major part of the reason I like capris year round is that they are so easy to ride a bike in.