Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pletscher two legged kick stand

Can anyone speak to how well they stand in the wind? This is getting old!


Hughie said...

Ah! Not again! If you're not going to treat her right we're going to have to take her away...to my house.

I also am interested if these 2-leg stands are worth it. Especially if I have my bike loaded with gear, a kickstand just doesn't seem safe.

JPTwins said...

i have the ESGE double kickstand and I like it a lot. i have a very tall bike and even then, i've never had it fall over. I should probabaly cut a little bit off the ends, because currently one of the wheels hangs about an inch in the air when it is parked. i guess this oculd be either good or bad, but i haven't had problems with it...

Vik said...

Have you cut your legs to down to ft your bike or are they the stock length?

Jerome said...

Hughie, I know. Twice in a week she's fell victim to the wind. I'm thinking parking my bike now parallel to the breeze might be a brilliant idea.

JP - Thanks, I've never seen the ESGE double before. Price point is better than that of the Pletscher. I'm really toying with the double leg idea.

Vik, yeah, I cut it to suite my needs. Right now, when it's loaded up, I wouldn't want it any shorter. While without any load, it might be more stable shorter. I suppose that part of it is just that it's a taller bike and the 'over-hung' load on the kickstand attachment point is greater than on a smaller size bike. Also, I have to take into consideration which side I put single panniers onto, so to avoid it falling over.

I'm thinking a double might solve some of these problems. While I know that nothing will be perfect.....we'll see.


Tamia Nelson said...

Looking at the picture, I'd say that you should have mounted your pannier on the drivetrain side of the bike. That's how I do it when I only have one pannier, and I've had no problems using my one-legged kickstand. I don't like the two-legger. Wrote a review of it here:


but lots of people love them. The key, I've found, with using one leg is to be sure to turn the front wheel to counterbalance the load, and to make sure to mount the one pannier on the starboard side if I'm only using one.

Ur said...

Eeeek! But: Centre of gravity (C/G) and Centre of Pressure (C/P) have every thing to do with the problem. Any dual-leg stand that weighs less than the calculated mass required to resist the wind force and the bike is over. Just get the C/G below the top of the stand and all will be well