Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fendered and Lit

Fixie getting ready for the slop. Now studs yet, but the fenders came in handy this morning. Light was proven inadequate; had a very close call this morning. Situation that was unavoidable, but somehow I came out. Probably 4" from my back tire. Would have been a side on T-bone, and I wouldn't be posting this right now. Still doesn't seem real to me.


Hughie said...

Need your AirZound back in action. Mine loud as hell.

Jerome said...

yeah, mine is great too! I have it on my Xtracycle though. I wouldn't be ablet to bear the site of it on my fixie though. I don't even have brakes on that bike. Clean lines are of utmost importance to me with that bike.

But, better lights and being seen will be well worth the ugliness of a bigger light.

Hughie said...

Right never really thought of that. My bike looks like a swiss army knife. lol

Christopher Johnson said...

Yikes! Be careful out there.

I'm glad you made it through and hope you do whatever it takes to be visible.

RJ said...

Side vis!

And also: awesome.