Wednesday, October 21, 2009

KM Pseudo-conversion

The process, while it might end up being slow, has begun on setting up the Karate Monkey as a more commuter friendly bike. First step? Platform Pedals. I’ve choosen a set of Konas with a nice wide platform and removable allen screws for extra grip. Why did I choose these? Well, just because they were cheap. Nothing in the parts bin was well suited to the task, and since in the middle of the winter I’ll probably be wearing full fledged winter boots, I wanted something with a very large platform. These
should work well. Next on the list? Fenders should be the next upgrade. Those will most likely need to be ordered online, as I’ve searched a few local bike shops and no-one carries any full coverage fenders for 29er bikes. Headlight, flasher front and rear are already in place.
Oh what fun indeed....


Christopher Johnson said...

Nice start. Go, man!

coastkid said...

ahha another chum red KM!,the first write-up on one ive found,its a lovely colour isnt it?,nice build too by the way,look forward to reading more on your bike,