Tuesday, December 08, 2009

and the winner is.......


Soots is the new name of my Xtracycle. Soots was one of the names submitted by Rebecca. Thanks Rebecca. I've got your shipping information and the bottle in on the way! BTW, Rebecca choose the sport bottle, as she'll be using it on her bike, of course.

What goes into picking a name; I have no idea. I compiled a list of all the names submitted, went through all of them over and over again, and Soots just really struck a cord with me. It’s quick to say and write, which is nice for when I’ll be making mention of it on my blog and in real life, and I think it could be turned into a pretty sweet logo. That's the next step. Design a logo around the name Soots. Wait a minute, hhmmmm…..logo design contest for another bottle…..hhhhmmmmm. I suppose I still have two more bottles to give away........

Anyway, below is the list of the different names that were submitted. Some very creative and excellent work on everyone’s part. Thanks to everyone helped out, I really appreciate it! A quick count shows there were 80 names submitted!

Names Submitted:

big blue butler
the loaded ninja
black Zephyr
Black Borealis
The Juggernaut
The Sherpa

Christa had a whole bunch of names to submit:
· Framer (like Cramer but related to bicycles and photography)
· Black Magic (I'm assuming that's a black frame.. if not, substitute colour of choice in list)
· Black Devil
· Blackie the Good
· Good Steed Blackie
· Bicycycycle (bye - si - si - sickle) - for the stretched out in the middle thing
· BottleBaby (obscure reference to the contest, and fun to say)
· Pronghorn
· Workhorse
· Cruisemeister
· The Pickup
· LongHaul
· The Semi
· The Btrain
· The Wasp (esp if you get more yellow gear.. but also 'cause our bikes are wasp-waister)
· Stretcher
· Rickshaw
· Velocipede
· Phaeton
· GoTrain
· GoBuggy
· GoSter
· Hauler (Holler/ Holla')
· Lank
· Lanker
· Lanky The Wonder Bike
· Anything with "The Wonder Bike" attatched at the end
· Submarine (got there from 'substantial' - these are substantial bikes :)
· Sim (like Simple, but simpler)
· Puddlejumper (checking out your blog posts tagged "life is good" {life IS good} and dig the photo of green boots in a puddle)
· LTT (Long Tail Trucker)
· Antioxidant (Free Radical?)
· The Makeover (change your look, change your life)

Rebecca also came up with a bunch:
· Felix the Cat
· Soots
· 8-Ball
· Beast of Burden
· Jackass Jenny (Jenny is another name for "donkey".. apparently.)
· Chunky Monkey
· Beetle
· Beetle Juice
· Cat in the Hat
· Rufus
· Charles
· Steely Dan
· Blavod

There was :
· Black Beauty
· Mr. Wiggles
· The icegields Flyer
· THe colonel
· Muleteer
· Almost Vintage
· lil’ lugger
· Herc
· The Iron Lama
· Black Capsule
· Green Man Machine
· Gorilla
· The Black Canary
· The Merry Crankster
· Thumper
· Smudge
· The Black Duck

Elaine had a few:
· Black Beauty
· The Hauler
· Cargotronic
· The Hornet
· Frankenstein
· and she calls her X the behemoth

Rounding out the submissions were:
· The Black Station
· Black Magic
· Igor
· Adrastea - Greek goddess whose name means “unyielding”

As you see, there are some excellent names beyond what I've chosen. With my mind drawing a blank when it came to naming my Xtracycle V3.0, I'm so glad there are others, who can be creative at will.

Again, thank everyone for your input!



Pondero said...

Great choice. I attempted to enter the contest, but wasn't happy with my creations. Rebecca has several great options, and seems like a worthy winner.

Clancy said...

I have a bike named "Chunky Monkey" as Rebecca submitted. Great minds think alike.

Doug said...

I was drawing blanks as well. My Xtra is my only bike with a name. It's The Blue Truck/Xtracycle. Much harder to type than Soots. Maybe I need Rebecca to shorten it up for me.