Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Contest: First Ever

Update: Hey everyone, thanks so much for the great names that have come in. The response has been overwhelming. So many great names, I wish I had more bikes. I'm going to leave this open until mid next week. At that time we'll close the idea box and make I'll make my choice and announce it here. I'll also list all the names that came in. Obviously the winner will be contacted and I will gather necessary information to get the prize shipped off. Again, thanks so much for the response. The creativity of the names blows my mind. Cheers.

First ever contest for Jerome’s Bike Blog! Oh boy, this is big. I'm looking to find a name for my Xtracycle version 3.0, and nothing has come to me. When this bike was posted on the Xtracycle gallery, it was mentioned that I was looking for a name. That generated 2 responses. Now, maybe with a little more at stake, I might just get some ideas.

You can have your choice of 1 of 3 brand new SIGG water bottles. One is the classic Swiss Logo Sigg. One is the new “wide mouth” Sigg, and one is the sports bottle. You get your choice of one of these bottles, and I will mail it to you, anywhere in the continental US and Canada.
So, give me your ideas of what you think this bike should be named. I’ll choose the winner based on which one strikes a cord with me, and that name will become the name of my Xtra V3.0.

So far, I’ve been given:

· “Yellow-horned something”
· Honker

So, submit something that would be welled suited as a bicycle name, and enter for a chance to with a Sigg. Sweet.

Send your entries to : jeromebikeATgmailDOTcom



Anonymous said...

Green man machine

Noclaf said...


Angie said...

The Black Canary

Madison Hamman said...

The Merry Crankster.

Anonymous said...

Thumper, or Smudge.

Josh said...

The Black Duck

Elaine said...

Black Beauty
The Hauler
The Hornet

(I have a tendency to call my X "the behemoth".)

Christa said...

Just sent my list... which included "Hauler" and "Wasp".. great minds think alike, Elaine! (which is also my middle name, even better!)

nollij said...

I saw xtracycle's twitter posting this morning, so I'll add my entry:

The Black Stallion
Black Magic

Vik said...

Igor? "...I am ready to haul Master!!..."....=-)

Brandon said...

Adrastea - Greek Goddess whose name means "Unyielding"

bikeboy999 said...

Hey Jerome, why does it need a name. Toys and children get named, a useful vehicle should just do it's work and be happy to get greased every once in a while.

Joanne said...

I wish that i go on cycling on this Black Cobra with my wrist water bottle from www.swiggies.com