Saturday, January 09, 2010

Finally some warmer weather

The outside temperature has made quite a swing in the warm direction the past couple of days. My sweet wife and I were lucky enough to have a completely kidless evening (not that I'm not crazy about my wonderful children, but when you've got 3 of them under 5, there is very little time for us to just hang out, without dealing with the minor crisis that seem to make up daily life with children) and we took advantage of it. When we left the movie in Calgary, it was a balmy -6C (21.2F) but when we finished the half hour drive to our house in Strathmore, it was -28C (-18.4F).Ah, the wonderful effects of a chinook. Today, it was 7C (45F) and we finally got out on the backyard skating rink. This was my very first attempt at building my own ice rink and I learned a lot. I'll do things very differently next year, but I did manage to get this one to a state that isn't all that bad. Certainly it'll help my oldest practice his puck handling skills and some of the finer points of ice skating. Skating backwards, sharp cornering and hard stops. All those skills that make a big difference in a hockey game. The boys and I were out for about 2 hours today, and I even stripped down to just jeans and a t-shirt.

This weather is supposed to hold for a while, and I think I might just head out for a warm weather bike ride tomorrow. Maybe drop the pressure right down on the KM and see how she does on some of the old canal trails I rode during the summer.


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coastkid said...

wow..never seen a ice rink in a garden before!..cold right enough!