Thursday, March 11, 2010


1 part gravel, 1 part Karate Monkey, I part sunrise.

Spin cranks furiously for 1hr. Serve and Enjoy.


Vik said...


Question: if you were setting up a 26" fixed gear for city use....fairly flat....and the front ring was a 44T...what would you use on the back?

BTW - how is he uni learning process going?

Jerome said...

Vik? You gonna give fixed a go? wow!

I'd say a 15 or 16. 16 might spin pretty quickly, but for stop and go city, that might not be too bad. I'd say start with 15. 14 can be hard to find. Kind of depends on your style. I prefer to spin rather than chug, so I've done 15s on 26" before.

Uni - not that great. way harder than I thought it would be.

Vik said...

Thanks Jeremy..I'm going to stick with even gear ratios after reading Sheldon's article on chain life...

Should have something rolling next week I hope.