Monday, May 24, 2010

Fixie Ramble


Pondero said...

Well, you might be a brakeless fixie hipster, but with those fenders, you're a civilized one. :)

Cool bike.

Jerome said...

Well, I'm probably more of a civilized biker than a fixie hipster.

I just feel like a cool dad when I ride my fixie, in skinny jeans, and a classic cycling cap and the high school kids look at me with the spoke cards and think,"dude's riding a real fixie."

In reality, I love bikes for their simple mechanical grace, and I'd rather a fine steel touring bike, with a comfy brooks B-17, and canvas seat bags.

My bike collection is eclectic. I can match it up with my mood. Mostly, my mood is gravel, in the country, in the quiet, by myself.

I identify with your blog posts the most.

Cheers my friend.