Thursday, July 01, 2010

Just a little update

Well, things have been pretty busy for me lately. Haven't even been out riding too much. Certainly not enough. Just wanted to throw an update out there for the cycling-blog-o-sphere that I used to be so involved in. Haven't forgotten you, and I keep up with yall on my google reader. Just haven't been contributing to it all that much.

A photo of the mystery bike will be coming soon. After a few more rides on it to get it dialled in just right.

Also, I'm giving an iPad away on my new website which is dedicated to family, wedding and lifestyle photography. I'm keeping my other site,, for commercial, fashion and personal photography that wouldn't really interest people wanting family photography. In an effort to tailor content for different audiences, I think this separation should work well.

Now, this contest is a tough one for me. Why? Because I don't have an iPad, and I want one. So bad. Yet I'm giving one away? Yup. I wanted something fun to kick start the new site, and to me at least winning an iPad is a whole whack of fun!

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