Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spotted: Retro-direct drive bicycle

Right now I'm hanging out with my sweet wife and kids at my parents condo, in what is quickly becoming one of my favourite places on earth. Fernie BC. Love it here. This is a huge bike town. Not only for the incredible down hill riding to be had at the Fernie Mountain Resort, but also for transportation. People who live here ride their bikes everywhere and all year long. There are some great "utility" bikes to be seen here. Classic road bikes, mountain bikes converted to cruisers with milk crates on the front and everything in between. While walking for a bagel this afternoon with the family, I spotted this bike. At first it was the mismatched handle bars that made me think the owner was bike geek (non bike geeks seem to care much more about the look of their bikes) but then I noticed it.This is the very first retro-direct drive bike I've seen in real life. Sweet! Pedal forward and you have one gear range. Pedal backwards and you've got a completely different speed. It's a two speed bike that needs no shifting. So cool to see one of these at random.
Ride yer bike!

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coastkid said...

i have never seen one of those before!, interesting set up!