Thursday, December 02, 2010

Even when it's cold out, I feel sorry for those stuck in cars

I'm sure they're taking pity on me too, out there, in the cold, riding a bike. If they only knew how great it is.

I do still need to work on my winter gear though. Nasty cold fingers again. It was -9C (15F) and -14C (7F) with the windchill, and my skiing gloves just don't do the trick. This surprises me as they are good gloves, and while on the ski hills, they're always great. Must be the wind. I'm gonna look into a set of poggies, or some snowmobile mitts. Flirting with frostbite isn't much fun, and limits time outside. Today after about 15 minutes I was in pain. Shut the ride down at an hour, and again, pain when I came inside.

Still beats being stuck in a car!

Ride yer bike!


Pondero said...

Wow, that's cold. It's been so nice down here lately, reports from you, and Doug in Duluth, leave me speechless.

coastkid said...

did a -12C commute today and still feel safer than out in the car!, get strange looks from drivers, but im warm, happy and lovin the winter scenery!

Apertome said...

I love the Karate Monkey -- seems like an ideal bicycle for winter conditions. And it looks phenomenal in your photo. So detailed and crisp. And contrasts nicely with the snow.

We haven't had anything that cold yet. Hopefully, we won't for a while yet, but we shall see!

Doug said...

Pogies or barmitts will solve your cold hands issue. I've gone down to -28F (-33C) air temp with only liner gloves inside cheapo ATV barmitts and stayed completely warm. Cold hands will be a thing of the past if you invest in a pair.

I agree, if they only knew how much fun I was having.

NDS said...

I agree with Doug, I bought a set of cheaper (30) dollar Cabellas ATV bar mits and rode in -4 with no wind and a regular set of gloves. My hands were perfectly warm, and in fact started to overheat and almost feel uncomfortably warm and sweaty. My guess was I could have ditched the gloves and gone bare handed inside them. May try that next really cold day.