Thursday, January 13, 2011

Had a bit of a (off) road trip today... hour later, I was back driving. We've had some intense weather here in Alberta lately.

This past weekend was shooting a wedding, in which the blizzard turn so nasty, none of the guests (and myself) were able to leave the small village the event was held in. I ended up spending the night crashing on the floor of the bride's father's house. 150 other folks were put up in local homes also. It was declared a local state of emergency. The next morning, there was a 40+ person brunch put on in the house and it was a great time of visiting.

After I got home, I used my dad's bobcat to clear my 2 car suburban driveway. 8 ft snow pile now resides on my front lawn.

And today, this. Black ice, slowly creeping along at 90 km/hr and boom, in the ditch. It's -30C with the windchill. We Canadians are forced to be tough sometimes.

Love it!

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Pondero said...

Ugh...what a test of patience. I'm glad you are okay.