Sunday, January 23, 2011

More XC Skiing in Fernie

After only a few weeks away, we couldn't resist another chance to head back to Fernie for a weekend away. Being as I'm living the freelance lifestyle, we opted let our oldest miss a day of school, and turn this into a long weekend. Freelance is risky and downright scary at times, but it also has it's perks.

Last time we were skiing in Fernie, the temp was -17C (1F). This time, temps are just above freezing. Quite a nice treat considering the intense winter that we've had so far. This was also the first time that we set out for any considerable distance with the whole family in tow. I am amazed at how well my sons are picking this up. They are moving well enough that actually do cover some ground. And my little girl, she's loving the chariot with the XC ski attachment. Usually it only takes about 10 minutes and she's out catching up on her beauty rest. Between yesterday and the day before, we had over 5 hrs of skiing. Not back considering we're doing it all with 3 kids 6 and under. Just shows that if you want to do things outside and be active, children aren't a hinderance to most activities. You just need to adapt a bit, and use the right gear.

Here's some pics and video of the last two days.

I'm amazed at how kids can contort themselves to get upright again. It's almost easier for them to get up after a fall than us.

My oldest going on his first 'downhill'

My youngest son is getting it well. If you look at the video, he's actually gliding on his skis.


Hughie said...

It's really great you have you're kids out getting into the active lifestyle at a young age.


Hi, I'm Natalie. said...

Awesome! We got my daughter on skis for the first time on Saturday (just playing) - I can't wait until she's old enough to actually propel herself!

Jerome said...

Thanks Hughie. Much appreciated!

Natalie, yeah I saw that on your blog! That's so cool! We're seriously thinking about picking up a set for your little girl, she's two :)