Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fernie Snowmobiling Pic Dump

A few weekends ago, me and 3 good friends had a weekend away, just to be men. Men in the mountains. With horsepower. I tell you, it was one of the best weekends of my life.

I'm back in Fernie now with my family taking some time to relax, unwind and catch up on things. Including blogging.

If you've never been on top of a mountain, in 4 feet of fresh powder, with no sounds what-so-ever, you've never experience just how incredible this harsh and unforgiving country can be. Mountains are amazing. We had a lot of snow the first two days of riding but on the third day, Sunday, we were given a gift. It was incredible.

the 4 of us on the trail up to the play areas (powder bowls)

this is where we were going to. untouched powder, 4 feet deep. heaven.
we did end up having to tow one sled out. as luck would have it, we were just finishing up on our last day when the trouble came. nice.
sometimes the best way to get un-stuck is just to roll your machine over. why not stand on it while upside down huh?
on Saturday we chopped down a dead tree and enjoyed a campfire at lunch
heaps of high-fives went around!
when the snow is this deep, you need to be careful where and when you stop. this stuff is so easy to get stuck in!
stuck and digging (did waaayy too much of this on Saturday)
met up with another group of guys. good visiting, and then a bit of one-uping each other with the audience. good fun.

on Sunday, it was really this warm. We ate lunch shirtless. about 45 minutes. awesome!
the fun with snowmobiling, is you can climb like no other machine. but, every now and then (or quite often) you get stuck. that's a pretty steep grade.

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greg said...

Wow. Personally I don't ride a snow machine but here in Vermont many do. We have this huge trail system called VAST. It is all groomed by a snowcat trail groomer. There is a gas station/coffee stop every 20 miles or so. I didn't realize it could be such a backwoods adventure. This is one of the reasons I like reading blogs. Every once in a while you gain a new perspective.