Monday, October 31, 2011


It's that special time of year again, when all over the world, men start out on a clean shaven face, and grow a moustache. And all for a worthy cause, to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. This year, I'm taking part.
My reasons for doing so are two-fold. One, I love having a moustache. Problem is, my wife hates it so typically it's never there. (only when she's out of town do I have the pleasure of sporting that under lip patch of manliness). And Two, my dad went through a bout with prostate cancer this past year. He was fortunate, and came through with success that the doctors could only have hoped for.

So starting tomorrow, I'll be growing a 'stache. I'm not gonna lie, I'm quite looking forward to looking like a creepy dude for a while:{) -moustache smiley face-

To round out things for this post, here's a little video I put together while my wife was on a shopping trip to Phoenix last year. She and her friends went for four days, and the kids and I stayed home. Boredom in the evening lead me to creating this:

how to groom your moustache from Jeremy Goertz on Vimeo.



Pondero said...

I remember getting away with all sorts of silliness telling my wife, "It amuses the children".

Jon said...

Love the vid!

I guess I am a full-time creepy guy, since I've sported the 'stache for about 30 years now...

Jerome said...

Chris, that's a great line, think I'll give it a go.

Jon, moustaches are downright styling. You've been cooler than most men for 30 years.