Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Parent's Farm | Film

From earlier this summer. Expired C-41 B&W shot while testing a 1969 Konica Reflex T that I found and repaired.


Apertome said...

Lovely shots of a fascinating place, but I really don't like this film. The grain is very strong and not pleasing at all (and I'm usually a fan of expired film, and of grain, so it takes a lot for me to say that). Actually it might be overexposed -- there are no true blacks in any of these images. That could also be a function of how it was scanned. Lots of variables there ... I think I have some expired C41 B&W laying around, wonder if it will look like this when I get around to shooting it. I also have some expired "real" B&W film (Tri-X maybe?), so it would be interesting to do a direct comparison.

What film is this, out of curiosity?

Jon said...

Seeing the Suzuki Water Buffalo reminds me: Are you making any progress with your motorcycle project?

Jerome said...

Thanks Apertome. I agree though, this film is super grainy. I was experimenting while shooting, and shot 3 photos of each frame. One under exposed, one properly exposed, and one over exposed. Funny thing, every one was less grainy the more it was over exposed. I do like to get darker blacks in my photos, but the less exposed shots were even more grainy than these. I forget what film type it was. Some cheap kodak C-41 we bought at walmart a long time ago.

Jon, progress has been kinda slow on my other bike. A few weeks ago I got my Water Buffalo to turn over, but thought I best finish my XJ before I start getting into this one.

My plan is to work on it over the winter. I've got a fender mocked up on it, and built a new battery box for it. Bike EXIF keeps me motivated:)