Saturday, May 05, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

Fun day today with some of the guys I work with. We're all kinda gun nuts and thought it'd be fun to all get together and shoot stuff. 6 of us, 9 guns and 1,300 rounds makes for a good time.

For the rifles we shot wax candles, and the shotguns we had clay pigeons. We also chopped down some dead trees with our guns. All kinds of redneck:)

It was cold and rainy this morning, and it's getting worse as the day goes on. We've got about 2 inches of wet snow this afternoon. We usually celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a big feast of fish tacos. Tonight however we're just making some comfort food: variations of the grilled cheese sandwich. Nice when it's snowing outside.


Pondero said...

As a gun nut, you'd feel right at home down here. Except for it's more like 90F here today.

Jon said...

"WE need guns...Lot's of guns!"

Jerome said...

P, yeah, I love that about Texas. I've spent quite a bit of time there with work, and I've noticed the gun appreciating in those parts.

I like guns because they're nothing more than a simple machine. Well design and effective.

Nailing a soda can at 350 yards that you can hardly see is also fun too:)