Saturday, May 12, 2012

John Deere RX73

I'm a tinkerer. I love messing around with stuff. Doesn't really matter what, just like to be tweaking, fixing and modifying. Bicycles, motorbikes, cars, cameras, anything. Something I love about giving in to curiosity and learning how things work. Since I was a kid I've been taking stuff apart. Only difference is now I can usually get the stuff back together and working again. Not so much when I was younger.

I was cleaning out the garage in my Rockyford house, when I found this old John Deere riding mower that one of my tenants had left behind. It didn't start and was already partially disassembled. I figured I would take it home, see if I could get it running, and then sell it to cover some of the rent that they'd dodged out on. 

I rebuilt the carb, drained the old gas, installed a new fuel filter, changed the oil and got it running. Surprisingly well. Fires up first pull. Last night I changed all 3 belts that make up the transmission. It was a task and a half, but it's done. Now I just need to order some new tires and she'll be good to go. I'm half thinking about keeping it for myself (being a huge John Deere fan) but I'll probably just sell it. It's not worth much but that's not the point. The point is the satisfaction that comes from doing something yourself.

There are few activities I enjoy more than pulling wrenches, getting greasy and learning. All while listening to some good music. A fine way to spend a Friday evening.

On that note, there's a blog I've really been digging lately. Shinya Kimura of Chabbot Engineering is a motorcycle mechanic and custom builder and the work he does is amazing. His blog chronicles it all and lets the reader in to see just how much painstaking labour goes into his bikes. Some seriously good reading:)

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