Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kershaw Speedsafe

I believe that every responsible, law abiding adult should at least consider carrying a pocket knife. I never used to carry a pocket knife until about 3 years ago. I've always loved knives and have owned a lot over the years, but never had I really be committed to keeping a good blade on me all the time.

I picked up this little Kershaw speed safe (which is an assisted blade) in Montana 3 years ago. I put it in my pocket and carried it a while just because it was new. I hadn't bought a knife in years and it had some novelty to it. I kept carrying it for a few weeks. The odd thing I found was that I had to train myself to remember I had it on me. I'd catch myself going to my tool box to grab a box cutter for opening a package when I had the knife right there in my pocket. It took a bit, but once I habitually remembered my knife, I was (and still am) amazed at how often I use it.

For 3 years it's been in my pocket, with the only exception being flying. Once I get to my destination, it's right back in my pocket. Sometimes after using it for something I'll ask myself what I would have done had I not had a knife. I've unstuck doors so a mom and her double-wide stroller could get into a store, trimmed cigars for a groom and his men, cut snacks for kids while ice-fishing, cut a running thread from a wedding dress and even cut the train off of the dress of a bride so she could dance up a storm.  The fact is, if you start carrying a simple pocket knife (traditional or the modern pocket clip, your preference) you'll find it to be incredibly useful. 

My strongest piece of advice: keep it sharp! All the time. Dull knives are dangerous, and a knife is only effective (and worth carrying) if it's got a good edge on it. 


Anonymous said...

I feel naked without a knife. I have carried one everyday since I was eight years old. Even to school! Today however I experience that odd feeling of something missing every time I fly. And it's my knife. I have also noticed that when people become accustomed to you having a knife, they become reliant on it too.

Pondero said...

After losing a couple to airport security, I got out of the habit. Time to fix that.