Sunday, January 05, 2014

Things that last - Red Wing 8138

I've made commitment in my life to purchase only things I (for the most part) need and for all purchases to buy the best that I can afford. Buy things that will last for years. For my tools at work, this means Snap-on. For knives or guns, it is buying ones that will last my lifetime and be passed down to my sons. And for foot-wear, ones that will give me years of service, can be repaired, re-soled and re-conditioned. These Red Wing 8138s represent this type of purchase. They aren't cheap, but over the course of the 10-15 years that most people say these should last for, they work out to be great value. Quality usually works that way. Don't be taken with the latest and greatest gimmicks, the flashy and new. Think about your purchases and go for quality. Here's to at least 10 years with these boots.

1 comment:

Pondero said...

Yeah, buddy. I wear my 875s everyday to work.

I like your choice. Maybe I'll try those in 2025 or so.