Monday, August 28, 2006

Commuter Bike

Here is yet another bike in my collection (and that still not all of them).

It's a Trek antelope that I've rebuilt. I think the bike is about 10 years old at least, but after everything has been freshened up, it runs well. This is more practical for commuting and generally quite comfortable. I've done several full day trips on this but now it's pretty much just a commuter.

I've got slicks on it and they sure are nice in the summer. Last winter they were a bit hairy in the snow so I think that I'm going to set up some studded tires this winter and see if that makes things a little more controllable.

I also have a superbright headlight that I'll be putting on soon as the days are getting shorter. I usually get to work around 6:45am and soon it's gonna be dark at that time. I'll put up some pictures of how bright it is when time comes to use it.

Have a great day and go ride a bike!!

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