Friday, August 25, 2006

Fast Bike

Here is a picture of the bike that I rode to work today.

It's a Specialized Allez Comp. This is my fastest bike and even though it's not really set up for commuting, who cares. It's fast!

I've been pulled over by the cops on this thing. It wasn't for speeding mind you, but for not stopping at a stop sign! Around here, I think that 1 in 10 cars and trucks might come to a complete stop before continuing and yet they think that a bike should be pulled over? I didn't get a ticket, but it was threatened. I was quite miffed and every time I see a vehicle blow through an intersection where they were to stop, I get a bit ticked. It makes me want to participate in critical mass or something like that. Maybe I'll organize one for Strathmore!! Me and the other cyclist trying to get 1 ton pick-ups to yield to us, that sounds like fun.

Anyway, I just thought I would post this picture up and have a great weekend!



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