Friday, September 29, 2006

Mountian Bike

So sorry it's taken so long for another update.

Here is a photo of another one of my bikes. I rode this to work to day because I had to drop my car of at the body shop and this is the easiest to minimize to fit into a vehicle. It was a cheap and the first bike that I ever purchased new.

This is the bike that I started commuting on. I installed a pair of specialized nimbus tires and toe-clips and off I went. I've since put it back to a typical mtb setup with knobbies and flat pedals.

I think that I might install studded tires on this one for winter commuting and then I should probably get some fenters for it. The disc brakes work great and are also said to be the best brakes for mud, rain and snow so this bike might work out to be a great winter bike.

Keep on riding and Cheers,


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