Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fixie Commute

Well, these pictures are the first day that I rode my fixed gear to work! I was great. One little glitch, I was so excited about getting the bike built, I didn't quite take enough time to tighten up my left side crank arm. I came loose. I tightened it as best as I can without any tools, only to have it fall of completely.

If you look closely at the pictures, you'll see that there is no nut holding the crank arm. I thought that since I was stranded anyway, may as well whip out the camera and snap away.

I went over the bike last night and made sure that everything was good and rode it to work again today. I must say that I love riding this bike! I'm hooked on fixed gear bikes! There is a purity and a simplicity in riding this thing that I've never come across on any other bike I've been on. You notice that there are no brakes on the bike? I think that it might stay that way too. I have not found it to be too bad riding brake less. It certainly forces you to read traffic better and make some wiser decisions.

I'm already starting to line up parts for my second fixie project. I would like to have something with mountain bike tires so I can run studs for winter. We'll see. I am looking into converting a disc brake hub. I think it'll be cheaper and I work at a place that has a laser cutter. All I have to do is make a drawing, send it down and they'll cut my a sprocket from whatever material I choose. I think that this will be a lot cheaper.

If anyone is thinking of or is even remotely interested in a fixed gear bike, I would absolutely recommend it.



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