Thursday, November 23, 2006


Well, the 2nd spell of winter has come upon us. For the last several days we've had highs of -8 to -12 C. I've been riding my bike to work everyday this week and the cold hasn't been all that bad. You can dress for it, and as long as you do, everything is fine.

Snow, that a whole other story. Here is a picture from my office. This morning I geared up jumped on the bike and headed out. We had received about 2 inches of now overnight and I thought that it wouldn't be that bad with my specialized slicks on my commuter bike. Was I ever wrong! I wiped out twice before I got to the end of my street and turned around and started up my truck. Chicken and I know it.

But, I did something (or am doing) about it. I picked up a set of set of Schwable studded snow tire for my bike today and will be installing them tonight (provided I can get the time after the kids are in bed). I'll take some picks and if I get them on, I'll be testing them out tomorrow.

I don't mind wiping out, it's not a big deal, the issue is that I have never ever seen another person commuting to work by bike in this town. People are not used to bikes being a part of their traffic and if I am unable to make quick maneuvers, well, I don't want to think about it.

Hopefully I'll let be able to report tomorrow on how well, or not so well they work.



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