Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Well, I did ride my bike in today. I couldn't yesterday as I flew to Regina (ho yippies) in the morning and flew back in the evening. I had to measure up a job there, and now I can say I've been to Regina. For those that haven't been there, I wouldn't be jelous of those who have. You're not missing too much.

Anyway, today I did ride my bike and this morning was fine. But, on the way home for lunch, it was slushy!! 3C above makes snow melt, mixes with rocks and salt and create a lovely grime that doesn't stay on the ground. Especially when cars are passing you. Tasty stuff it is. I wasn't going to ride back to work after lunch, but if I'm preaching ride your bike, I had better be riding mine!

Even in the muck, as soon as I'm riding, I'm always glad I am. Big deal about a little dirt. That's what we have showers and washing machines for. I'm lucky enough to work in my own office, and being as all my projects are at airports, I don't meet with customers and contractors on a daily basis. I can be muddy and mucky and the other guys in a suite on the other end of the phone or email probably thinks I'm in a suite as well. I love my job!


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