Thursday, December 07, 2006


Well, still great weather for riding a bike to work around here. I did't ride yesterday, as I had a MS Project course in Calgary (50Km one way), but this morning even after getting up a little late, I rode my bike.

Mornings like this are great, and even better when experienced on a bike. It seems that you miss so much of what is around you when you're encapulated in your car. The sunrise was one of the many benifits of riding to work. I appologize for the blurry pictures (didn't have a tripod with me)

I will say though, that right now, with the weather getting nicer, the ruts that are created in the sand-like snow/slush, it gets a little hairy most days. I chopped the bars on my trek much narrower and they are now more comfortable, but I do wish I hadn't done it when I'm fighting to stay upright. Oh well.

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