Friday, January 19, 2007

Hard Falls, Warmer Days

Well, on the way to work today (done with the MS Project course!!) I had the worst crash I've ever had. I was probably doing about 25km/h, starting into a corner and all of a sudden I was sliding on the ground with my bike still between my legs. I knew better than to be going that fast around that corner. What's more is that I deliberately blew a stop sign while making the turn. Nothing hurt or broken (the bike) I got up, re-installed my chain and came off the rear cassette, and carried on my way.

As I was on the phone at work, my screen saver was flashing up my collection of fixie pics and this one of my bike came up. Instantly I thought of warmer days when I could ride this bike and when I didn't crash on the way to work. I love the winter, but I am getting anxious for summer. Oh those lovely days of riding any bike in the line up (I've now got 7) including my brakeless fixie, always having plenty of light, green grass and a warm breeze to move me along.

Soon enough. Until then, I should stop torturing myself.


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