Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cold Ride in

Well, I don't have any pictures in this post. Just want to say that my hands were cold on the way in. It was -13C when I left my house, but there was a crisp little wind blowing.

I dropped off some books at the library on my way, and even at that point, I was in a little bit of pain. I was only half way to work too. By the time I did get to work, I was almost crying. I wondered when I left my house if my thin gloves would be warm enough, and I've found out the painful way, they aren't. Oh well. Boo Hoo.

It did get me thinking though, one thing about riding in the cold, it sure feels good when you quit! However, I doesn't feel good not doing it, the good comes from doing it, being cold and then not doing it. If you've done it, you know what I mean.

I felt good when I came into my work today and back into the warmth. I wouldn't have felt the same way if I had just stayed warm in my truck, isolated from the seasons that are a part of where I live. I think that if you live somewhere that gets cold, you should get out in the cold and enjoy it. Yes it can be enjoyable. What's more, you certainly shouldn't complain about how cold it is. You should move.

If you've never done it, give it a try and you'll know what I mean. And more than likely you'll want to do it again.


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