Friday, February 09, 2007

Matching vehicles

Hey, look at this, when I don't wash my truck, the dirt matches the lettering on my MTB!! Custom truck and bike combo!


I decided to ride this bike to work today because it's got the fattest tires and once I left a large amount of air out of the tires, I actually had quite good traction on the freshly fallen snow. Just a fair bit more work grunting around town with flat tires. Oh well. Good work out.

On that subject, if anyone has a Pugsley or has ridden a Pugsly, would you be so kind as to leave a comment on your thoughts? I am thinking that it might be a great little (not really) bike for winter commuting. Any input would be most appreciated.




Tim said...

I don't own a Pugs, but several friends do, and I'm wanting one after riding theirs. It's a tradeoff: the super-fat tires are great on snow, but they're not studded, so they can slip on ice.

In my opinion, studded tires are better and safer for commuting. A Pugsley with Endomorph tires is better used a trail bike. I know some of my Pugs-owning friends have stated the same preference.

Jerome said...

Thanks for the feed back Tim. I never really thought of the Pug in regards to it's ability on the ice. I really don't have to contend with deep snow very often, but most of the winter, there is at least some ice under the studs on my cummute.

I hope you get one soon and I'm sure you'll post about if you do.

Thanks again for the input.