Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back on the Bike

Man, a week is far too long not to ride a bike! The week before last, I rode to work every day. To work and home for lunch, back to work after lunch and then home again. It's great, getting 4 rides a day. Just enough to wake you up and put a smile on your face, not enough to get all sweaty (if you take it easy).

Anyway, rode in yesterday morning and man did it feel cold. -5C but with 50km/h winds made for a wind chill factor of -14. The wind just seems to cut right through whatever you're wearing and get your bones cold! Gross. In spite of that, I had a smile on my face and was so glad that I rode my bike. On the way home for lunch, my goggles kept icing up as there was mist in the air and it was slowly freezing. The roads were getting slick too so I traded my 23C tired fixie for my mtn fixie after lunch and headed back. One thing about a brake less fixie when the road are wet for have a skim of frozen mist, your skids last a lot longer, but don't serve very well as a brake.

The ride home was fantastic and thought I would venture off road a little. A little being 100ft to get this picture. I think this bike is geared a little high (38/17) for any real off -road riding, but I made this for bad weather commuter, which is certainly serves well as.

So good to be back on the bike again! This morning was 0C and wind with me the whole way to work, so I past a car on my fixie with my legs pumping like an over-revving sport bike. But, I did beat the car. That's what matters right?

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