Monday, March 19, 2007


I've notice lately that there is a trend in using bicycles as an object in which a statement is made regarding the service that a company can offer, being faster, superior to competitors. I think it's great. Here are some examples I found in 2 days, in two airports.



Tuco said...

Hey J., thanks for stopping by the blog and for the kind words about the petition.
Although this petition is fine and dandy, my hope is that another one will get started soon by somebody somewhere.... I doubt any change will happen until the House of Commons is positively RINGING with cycling petitions.

But... step by step...

Happy Riding!

Jerome said...

Tuco, you are absolutely correct. I'm going to find out how to start a cycling petition. If you have any tips to get me started, they would be much appreciated. I think that if those of us who enjoy cycling so much, and there are a lot of us, will do a little bit of grunt work and take a little time, letting those who govern this country of ours know how we feel, they would certainly have an issue on their hands that they would need to deal with. Let's do it! It's up to us to make the difference!

Happy Riding to you as well!