Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oil is for Sissies?????

Where did the author go? Am I the only one who doesn’t know? I’ve noticed that many blogs still link to this old favorite site that I frequented. My blog is included in the list of them.

Why do we still link to this blog, this vacant blog? Is it a vigle hoping that he will come back? I must say that I did enjoy reading the blog and I was inspired by the photos that he took while riding his bike. Somehow the photos capture the beauty of being on a bicycle. Not the bicycle, but being on it. While he did ride an Atlantis, which in my opinion is a really nice, quirky bike, it wasn’t about the bike. It was about the ride.

I think this might be him. It’s an Atlantis, different color, but based on the blog, one might think that it was him. Some things make me think not. What do you think? Checking out his Flickr feed, I'm certain it is him. Small world this bloggy one.



Anonymous said...

Nah, that's not him. That new blog is written by some depraved weirdo. The oifs guy was totally not depraved and not a weirdo.

Jerome said...

So it is you!

steve said...

I think it's some other guy - see the comments on this post. Doesn't sound like him at all.

Jerome said...

It seems that I am the only one who thinks these blogs are done by the same guy. The kicker for me was that they have the same flickr photo stream. Two wheel flight. If you check the link on OIFS 'my flickr' and the pictures that auto-link with planetary gears, they are the same. If it's not the same dude, I'm confused. I was just hoping that for once I wasn't confused. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever figure it out? He now owns a bike shop in the twin cities called Hiawatha cyclery

Jerome said...

Jim Thill.