Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Visiting my Junk

Well, over this past weekend I was at my folks house where I happen to have some of my stuff stored. These are other interests of mine, other than bicycles. Please, be not hatn' the fact that these things burn petrol and pollute the ozone.

Here is my 1965 Rambler Marlin. This is a California car that I purchased last December for a price that I really couldn't turn down. I've always wanted a piece of automobile history, and being that I didn't grow up with the classic cars (born in 1980) I didn't really car which piece of history I got. This is it. It's got 70,000 original miles and runs like a dream. Even the windows are all original and have no cracks. I've got the bill of sale from Sunnyvale CA, and a Polaroid picture of the day it was purchased from the dealer in CA. This car is fun. Hard top is great for summer cruising too.

Next, is an unfinished project I start over 4 years ago. A hand made motorcycle. I made the frame, kick-stand, gas-tank (over 40 hours in the gas tank alone) brake pedal and shift lever. All I really need to do is build a foot-clutch for it, dis-assemble, paint and put it together. I haven't so much lost interest as I seem to not have the time at this point in my life. I'll pick this back up in the next 10 years or so.

Leading to my piece of bullet proof crap dirt bike. This is a 1970 DT250, that I've bored out to 310cc and gone through extensive modifications. This bike will not die! I've ridden it through rivers to the point the entire bike was under water. Tow it for a 1/2 mile behind a quad, and she drained enough to start spitting smoke again. I this bike.

Back to bicycles, today it's about 13C above, so Mr. Fixie (road) is getting a breath of fresh air and it amazes me how much speed we sacrifice for the sake of stability in the snow. I've passed 3 cars in the last 2 days on my fixie. I love it!
Well, I'm going to ride my bicycle now.

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