Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I know, it's not a bike. But I like it

Well, after a last minute rip down to Smudgemo's part of the world, Oakland area, I'm back home. Being as I had to drag my computer and a bunch of drawings down there with me, I had to drive a car into work today to bring them into the office with me. I wanted to ride my bike, but I had to ask myself what would be the next best thing.

For me, it's my Marlin. 1965 Rambler Marlin originally purchased in Sunnyvale California. I've even got the bill of sale and a Polaroid from the day it was purchased. This is a pretty rare (some would say ugly) car. I like it because its mine. I admit it not the most beautiful ride on earth, but when I turn the key, the dual exhaust and 327 cu inches make some pretty sweet music. Now I know the type of blog that this has turned into, doesn't really seem to be one that would sing the praises of the big honken motor, spitting out fumes and burning up gas like it doesn't cost anything. I also don’t think that an engine being the sound of music would be agreed to by the intended audience of this blog. This car is defiantly not a means of sustainable transport. The thing is, back in 1965, I don't think they knew then what we know now. This car a piece of history. I like the way it looks. I really like classic cars. The reason I own it, is because it' old. I rarely drive this thing, but I do before you go haten, remember, people are walking into car lots, buying almost un-garageable SUVs and driving them miles and miles a day. Have a classic car in my opinion, isn't such a bad thing is it? I do believe in the benefits of non motorized vehicle and I certainly do ride my bike any chance I can, but now and then, it can be fun to drive a car. Well, certain cars anyway.



Doug said...

Sweet looking Rambler! I have a love for automobiles. Odd thing for a guy that doesn't even own a car. I grew up fascinated by cars. I subscibed to many different car magazines. I built model cars. I dreamed about cars. I watched NASCAR before it was so popular. And nothing gets my blood going like the sound of a 12 cylinder Ferrari or a Chevy big block 396 or 454. Very few people know this about me or would believe it considering the lifestyle I've chosen to lead now.

So nice post, I get it.

Jerome said...

Thanks Doug! There are many wonderful facets of life. Looking at the big picture is important and acting responsibly based on the big picture is most important. Cars aren't evil, just as bicycling isn't a crime. Ride on!

Smudgemo said...

In college (circa '88) I bought a '72 Olds Cutlass Supreme convertible. Red, white top, black/white interior and burned out glass-packs. That was fun. My dad has it now. Recently I sold my mom's '60 Corvette that had been off the road since '73 that I always intended to work on, but never did. While I still like old cars, I don't want one, the related expense or the upkeep cost. It's not worth it to me, but you do more than most people, so you get a pass in my book (not that it should mean much to you.) It was probably built an hour south of where I grew up, and I like it.

Jerome said...

Hey Smudgemo, I actually do agree with you on the work side of things. I bought this car just as it is, and have not done one thing to it yet. I bought it off an older gentleman I work with that for some reason wanted me to have this car. He bugged me about it for 2 years before I even went to look at it. I liked it, saved my pennies and a year later bought it off of him for $3,500.00. He kept dropping his price and I kept telling him to sell in publicly, he'd get a lot more than what he wanted me to pay. I even handed him the check and he said that he would now only accepte 3K for it! I insisted on the 3.5K and the deal was done. The condition of the sale was that I had to drive it more than he did. I do, and I store it inside which he wasn't able to. I had it appraised last week, and it came back being worth $14,000.00! I've been offered 10K cash for this thing, but I will never sell this car. I'm the 3rd owner and for some reason it means a lot to me. I am afraid though of the time coming when I'll have to start doing work to it. Until then, I'll just keep driving her around town now and again. Peace.