Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just Lovely

Well, I wasn’t expecting this white stuff this morning. I heard weather man threaten snow, but who believes him any way? Went to bed to the sweet sound of rain on the roof, woke up to scrape 5 inches of snow off the roof. Heavy, wet snow. Temps hovering just below freezing didn’t do anything to the roads, but they sure make it rough on the trees.

Unfortunately I’ve de-studded my commuter bike and my mountain bike is in my new house in Rockyford. This would have been a great chance to get one last (maybe not, who knows) winter ride in. The 4 bikes that I still have in my house that I’m moving out of the end of this month are shod with slicks. Slicks don’t stick in snow. So, fire up the 4X4 and off we go. I usually don’t drive the same route I use when I’m on my bike, as I prefer scenery over directness on my bike, but this morning I decided to drive the way that I would have ridden a bike. Man would a Pugs be nice about now. Oh well.
My current hood is new with no mature trees. Going through the established part of town showed just what the snow has done. Trees down everywhere. Some places have no power. Some places in the city are without traffic lights (what a great commute that would be).
It is still snowing. I’m sure that by tomorrow, we’ll be back to sunshine and May-like temps. I haven’t checked with the weather man yet, I still don’t trust him.



Smudgemo said...

What's the white stuff?

Paddy Humenny said...


kinda makes MB attractive....Not!!!

bring on the bipolar weather and mountains!

Jerome said...

Hey SMudgemo, at this time of year, it's called crap.

Jerome said...

Paddy, MB being attractive? I've only ever been there in the winter. I have heard multitudes say that it is incredible in the summer though. I want to head out there for the Winnipeg folk fest one of these years. Last time I was there (other than a westjet connector) was 2 years ago right before Christmas for 5days putting in a new carousel at the airport. It was -30, but I swear it was the worse -30 I've ever been in! Cheers.