Thursday, June 07, 2007

Damn the Torpedoes. Tomorrow, we ride.

Last night while unloading the last and final load of oak flooring, that phrase kept running through my mind. As I stacked the piles and piles of wood around my bikes, it was irritating the heck out of me that I haven’t be riding much lately. I figured that I could afford to leave my old trek single speed at work for bombing around on at lunch time and to do a coffee run here and there. What a great idea.

Smudgemo gave me a great tip to start group rides out for lunch and even cruise around town to get a breath. Unfortunately, every one else that rode here today brought lunch with them, so I headed out solo. I’ve discovered a type of riding that I really don’t do much of. Just riding around for the sake of riding around. I decided I would check out a bunch of the roads in town that I haven’t ridden for a long while.
What a great way to ride! No agenda, not particular destination in mind, just riding for the sake of seeing things and riding. The best way to see a town is on bike. I went through parks, back alleys, older parts of town that I hadn’t been to in years.

Above is actually the spot that my wife and I had our first kiss.......10 years ago!

(I was trying out the sephia mode on my camera)

This is a great old road in an old part of town.

This is looking at the seed plant on the edge of the industrial park in Strathmore.

Well, if I'm not able to ride to work because I need to pick up stuff for my house, I'll certainly take this as a close second to riding my bike to work.
To finish up the ride, I stopped into Quizno's for a sub and was surrounded by a bunch of kids on their lunch break. On the way out, one of them was starring at the horn that I have on my bike. He walked on and then turned around and took a much closer look. Curiosity got the best of him and he honked it while his face was about 10 inches from it! Man did he ever jump! Man that was funny!



Jeff said...

I've got a group that has been riding at lunch since 2001. It started as just two or three guys from the office, but as you ride around, you are advertising. These days we have guys and girls from all over town that ride! Some are just people we've met on the rides.

Most days we travel the same route, but occasionally we'll go into a part of town that I haven't been to in years. It's amazing to see how much things have changed. It's also cool to stir up the childhood memories. Old schools, friends, stores, etc.

Jerome said...

For sure Jeff. I hope to have the success that you have in getting a group going. I mean, why not right. What else are you going to do? Read a paper, surf the web? Why not get out and get some fresh air, wake up a little. Kudos to you! Cheers too!