Wednesday, June 27, 2007


You may have heard my read here about a local recycling rack that's right by work. I went there after lunch yesterday and saw nothing. Nothing I was interested in anyways. These are slim pickens right now.
I was up in my office a little later in the afternoon when I saw this dude making is way from the recycling yard with a bike he scored. I've seen him before hauling book cases and furniture on his bike, and frankly, I admire this guy.
Most folks probably look at him as a poor schmuck who can't afford a car. But I think that what he is doing is great. Maybe he can't afford a car. Still, most people I know that can't afford cars, take a cab, or stay at home. This guy is getting on with things, he is going places.....on his bike. Good for him.

On the other hand, maybe he could afford a car, but chooses to ride. Maybe he doesn't even have a license. What does it matter? What matters is that he is using a viable means of transportation, and being an inspiration in the process. To you, buddy on the bike, Kudos. Keep it up. You are living the dream!

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Anonymous said...

I do all of the above, including the re-cycling. People tell me all of the above that you stated. It is kinda funny the way people think.