Friday, June 22, 2007

Something I don't often do

For some reason or other, I don't take many pictures when driving a vehicle. Probably because you notice so much more when on a bike.

Today I've got to pick up some lumber for my project, so I had to take my truck to work. I had an itch to shoot something, so I pull over and shot this pivot.
I thought the lighting contrast was cool as I walked back to my truck, so I took this.


Vik said...

Nice pics..

Jerome said...


Jeff said...

I sometimes have my camera ready in my car, but you are usually going too fast to get stuff. By the time you see something, it is too late.

this verdant country said...

I generally walk or ride my bike, with a camera ready to shoot. Often I stop for some reason and just glance around and find cool things to photograph. It's funny because I don't usually see as many things when I'm moving (even slowly), but I can take at least three pictures every time I stop for a minute.

Jerome said...

Very true. I notice that every time I get a new camera. The infatuation stage has me going out just looking specifically for things to shoot, rather than noticing something while doing something else. I've yet to start shooting for the sake of shooting, and not get at least one picture that didn't make it worth it.

steve said...

If your GPS is toast (and not just dead batteries) you might want to take a look at a BGT-11. It doesn't allow you to load maps on it, but other than that it beats most Garmins into a cocked hat - plus the people designing it appear to be hard core bikers (take a look at the owner's manual to see what I mean).

I got mine last week as an early birthday present, and while I haven't mounted it on the bike yet I've had it strapped to my arm wandering around mapping away quite happily. Plus the Bluetooth means I can hang it off my Treo and capture data using the keyboard on there - much easier than doing it directly on almost any GPS!

steve said...


Just pretend that comment was on the following post... The painkillers are still doing their work, it would seem :-/

Jerome said...

Hey thanks Steve. I've never heard of BGT-11 before. The buttons on my Garmin no longer work. It charges fine, and the start/stop button works for the timer, but that's it. I'm trying to find a gentle way to pry into the case to see if I can fix it, but so far there seems to be on means on non-destructive opening. I'm going to fiddle with it a bit more, and then pull out my big millwright tools, and if it gets destroyed, so be it. I check out the manual for the BGT-11 and it looks like it's packed with different functions. I originally bought the Garmin for my Marathon training, which is was my Forerunner was built for. I'm re-thinking what I need in a GPS. That mapping stuff is quite interesting to me, and I'm taking a year off of running. Thanks for pointing it out to me. And the Bluetooth! Cool.

Hopefully you'll be back to not needing those pain killers in no time buddy.